The Building Blocks of a Successful Product Page

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, a viewer typically leaves a website within 10 to 20 seconds. You won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Using a few strategies, you can keep viewers’ attention longer, while generating new prospects and revenue.

For Online/Digital Stores, the product page is where all the action’s at! After attracting the customer to your digital store, you must deliver a seamless and straightforward shopping experience that makes it easier to convert into a potential lead. A critical component of such an experience lies in creating a great product page that is informative, catchy, and at the same time, not overwhelming.

If you’re developing an eCommerce store, here are a few critical pointers to craft the ideal product page that will help you convert interested buyers into definite ones:

Search Friendly and User-Friendly Product Titles

Every product title should start with the Brand Name, followed by model number/name. This is most critical to make it search engine friendly. In addition, the Title must be crisp, clear and have the most important feature/s highlighted so the customer understands the product and gets interested to learn more. For products that come in multiple options such as color/size, you must mention the details in the Title, so that search results will direct customers to the desired product page.

Product Images and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the first impression is most crucial, especially in an online digital world. So, you must make sure that the visuals of your product are most appealing and accurate. Here are some tips on curating the perfect product images for your store:

  • Crisp Quality: While this is one of the most basic parameters, it’s still one of the most crucial. Ensure that photos on your digital store are high-resolution and clear enough for the customer to see all the minute details
  • Clear Images: It is good practice to have images with a clean white background, at least the product’s main image
  • Multiple Angle Images: Make sure to have pictures shot from different angles and perspectives, as it helps a potential customer envision a product better, leading to a comprehensive shopping experience
  • Lifestyle Images: Showing an actual real-life image of the product (with people/usage) helps customers visualize the product better, resulting in decision-making

Reviews and Ratings

Eventually, nothing motivates a customer to trust your product and service more than another customer. So make sure that your digital store has a lot of genuine reviews. Let your past customer experiences help you win new customers. You can also incentivize your customers to share their shopping experiences through store credits or special offers!

Product Description

Along with product visuals, a customer would like to know all its details before making a decision. Here’s how you can shape a crisp and effective product description on your digital store which is detailed yet not overwhelming:

  • Product Overview: Make sure that your product overview is appealing to read. Detail your unique selling points, functions and uses, and general specifications. Integrate the right keywords to boost your SEO efforts
  • Features: Place the key features of the product upfront after the Title. Highlighting the most important and unique feature/s upfront attracts the customer to make an informed decision. Features should be in bullet points and convey the product’s appearance, functions, key differentiators and capabilities
  • Specifications: Every product page on a Digital Store must highlight all the relevant and essential specifications while including details such as its dimensions, weight, and warranty/guarantee duration. If the product comes in different colors and/or sizes, it is important to provide the availability of the colors and display a size chart, so customer can have complete clarity and can make a purchase decision
  • Included Items: Lastly, if your product comes with any additional item or components critical to its functioning, they must be mentioned on the product page so potential customer is clear of what is included.

Benefits of Good Product Data

As eCommerce becomes mainstream and is getting highlight competitive, it is important to wow your potential customers and grab their attention. A well-structured product page with the above recommendations incorporated will help you get more footfalls as well as it will help increase conversion, resulting in higher revenues. Optimized product data and enhanced images/videos will also decrease cart abandonment and bounce rates. Overall, compelling product pages will help improve customer experience, resulting in increased customer delight and repeat orders.

The importance of product data is often underestimated and as a result, many retailers end up underperforming on online eCommerce channels due to incorrect, incomplete or basic information. Virtual Ops is focused on enabling retailers, brand manufacturers, and distributors to enhance their products on digital channels so they can accelerate their business and stay ahead of their competition in this evolving digital commerce.

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