Do you observe high dropout rates, cart abandonment or feel your products lack completeness due to insufficient specifications, inadequate images or product videos?
Do you have skilled and experienced teams that can perform product data listings juggling multiple workflows and attributes in a quick and effective process?
The quality of your product data determines the difference between a sale and losing a customer. The key to
eCommerce success is providing your customers rich product content.

Product Content

Product Data Entry

eCommerce data entry involves skilled resources to research, collect, organize and review accuracy and completeness of data so that products are perfectly displayed, enabling the customer to hit the buy button easily without speculation

Our skilled team of product data experts are trained to work on multiple tools, technologies and PIM systems.

We can thus collect, format, review and ensure 100% accuracy and completeness of product data as per our clients' requirements and provide quick turnaround for large volume requirements.

Product Data Listings

Our eCommerce Product Listing team is trained with an eye to detail to ensure that product data is organized, reviewed, categorized so that accurate and complete product data is listed.

This includes keyword optimized titles, enhanced descriptions, detailed features and specifications, accurate categorization and navigation filters.

We are experienced in using tools and platforms to perform quality checks, juggle multiple workflows and attributes in a quick and cost- effective manner

Product Data Enrichment / A+ Content

Enriched product data helps faster search results, builds consumer confidence, increased conversions and minimized dropout rates

Enriched product data provides clarity to customers about product selection that influences their purchase decision, reduces speculation about product specifics and helps elevate your brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Our team can analyze and evaluate potential methods to enrich your product data that can help increase traffic to your site, drive high conversions and enhance the digital shopping experience, while ensuring accuracy and completeness of product data.

Product Data Management

Product Data Cleansing

Product Data Cleansing is an essential process to ensure the product data is precise, accurate, consistent and complete before it is published.

Product data when captured from a vast number of suppliers and vendors can be inconsistent, duplicate, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.

Outsourcing data cleansing helps businesses focus their internal teams on key product strategy and marketing while ensuring higher click through and conversions.

Our team of experts use tools and technologies and follow standardized rules and data governance practices to ensure product data is clean and accurate, rich and consistent

Product Data Normalization

Product Data Normalization is critical for smart catalog management especially when businesses sell multiple brands sourced from global vendors and suppliers.

Structured product information with well-defined attributes, consistent formats, and defined product units can result into consistent, clean products on digital channels.

A well-defined product catalog will boost website performance, reduce load times enabling customers to access product pages easily and make correct purchase decision.

Once product data is collected and captured, it is first normalized before ingesting it into product catalogs or product information management platform.

Our team of product data experts work closely with our clients to define the structure, formats, units, categories and rules.

Product Data Standardization

Product Data Standardization is imperative for selling across multiple channels and geographies by ensuring data quality and consistency across various components.

When data is collected from various vendors, sources, across geographies, it can have inconsistency in attribute values such as units of measurement, abbreviations, URLs, attribute tags, keywords.

Our team of experts work closely with our clients to create standard processes and rules that ensure that product data is standard across all attributes and categories allowing seamless product integration and publishing

Product Data Classification

Product Data Classification is the process of grouping or categorizing product information in a structured format.

When proper product classification is not followed customers find it difficult to find the product online resulting in loss of sale

Well classified product data enables better search results, accessibility and clarity of product data to customers resulting in higher conversions, reduced return rates and enhanced customer experience.

Our team of product data experts understand the criticality of product data classification. We work with our clients to define, refine and implement accurate product data classification and taxonomy for optimum product data management.

Product Taxonomy Support

A well-structured eCommerce taxonomy (product categorization) is critical for organizations to manage their existing catalogues and product listings effectively.

The purpose of product taxonomy is to enable fast and flawless products navigation & search, resulting in enhanced customer experience as they can find exactly what they need and complete their checkout, easily.

Our team works closely with our clients to ensure products are assigned to correct taxonomies.

With a wide experience across retail industries such as Consumer Electronics, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Adventure Sports and Hobbies, our team has worked across various categories of industries

We not only assign the most accurate taxonomies while uploading product data on PIM software, we constantly provide feedback to our clients to optimize, realign products under more useful and accurate categories.

Digital Asset Management

Image Sourcing, Editing and Enhancement

Images and videos on product pages have significant influence on customers to make or break a purchase decision.

High quality, crisp, clean images add credibility and trust worthiness to your website. Images need to be standard across products and categories.

Our team of Product Image experts and editors are aware of the rules and steps required to ensure that the size and shape, resolution, white background, standard order and position of the product images are accurate and as per our Client’s requirements

We collect, capture, edit and refine images as per our client’s requirement.

We ensure the position of main image and multiple additional images are consistent across products and across all digital channels and marketplaces.

Our teams also digitally merge multiple product images into one image when products are sold as bundles or kits.

Product Videos

A video is worth a thousand pictures now...

Our team helps our clients organize and allocate product videos to be positioned at the most effective locations on the product page, so it is helpful for customers to make a reliable and quick purchase decision.

Marketplace Management

Amazon Listing Optimization

Global eCommerce has dominated the market in recent years. Online marketplaces are where the customers are. It is crucial that Online Retailers and Sellers use best practises in SEO and keyword while listing products on marketplaces like Amazon as it helps the products rank high in search results. Our experienced team helps create keyword optimized product titles, descriptions and features that helps improve product rankings on Amazon. We create captivating A+ Product Descriptions with Lifestyle images that results in increased conversions and sales.

A+ Content Management

The adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is truly practised on Amazon marketplace. With unmatched competition from brands and sellers and limited space for product listings on Amazon, it is imperative to use Amazon’s A+ Content feature to tell captivating brand stories on product descriptions that can capture the attention of potential buyers and help stand out from the competition. We help our clients do exactly that, help them with captivating visual product images with lifestyle images. Contact us to learn how we can help you optimize your A+ content on marketplaces to help increase your revenues.