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Product Content

Product Content

The quality of your product data determines the difference between a sale and losing a customer. The key to eCommerce success is providing your customers rich product content.

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Product Data Management

With fast evolving eCommerce, online retailers need a robust product information management (PIM) system. Virtual Ops help its clients implement PIM ensuring product data is consistent, standard, normalized and categorized accurately across channels.

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Digital Asset Management

High quality product images and videos not only strengthen brand image but also drive purchase ready behaviour. Online Retailers need to ensure all their products have crisp, clean, high quality images that not only appeal to its customers visually but also provide an accurate understanding of the product.

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Marketplace Management

Telling a compelling story is crucial to stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Utilizing SEO techniques and publishing A+ Content with captivating lifestyle images that tell a story about your product can bolster your product's search ranking as well as conversion rates, thus increasing your marketplace revenues

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Enriched Product Data can help accelerate your eCommerce growth

In today’s world, customers are spoilt with choices, channels and options to purchase products. It is critical for online retailers to showcase perfect product details including apt titles, images, videos, description, features, and specifications in order to maximize conversion. Retailers need an A team to manage product data right from acquisition to publication.

Product Data Quality is the key to optimizing the customer journey and experience.

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Benefits of High Quality Product Data


Rich product data on your eCommerce website means better user experience

According to Salsify “88% of the shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important to their purchasing decision.”

According to a Survey by Retail Dive “87% of consumers said they are unlikely or very unlikely to make a repeat purchase with a Retailer that provided inaccurate product information. 40% of consumers have returned an online purchase in past year specifically because of poor product content.”

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I was tasked to identify an outsourced partner that is knowledgeable, smart, flexible and competitive. After choosing Virtual Ops over 7 years back, I was impressed with the quick learning of Virtual Ops team, the diligence and systematic processes they established in short time that ensured timely deliverables with high quality. I appreciate their consultative efforts that were focused on improving our business outcomes. What I like most about them is their prompt service and flexibility to learn and implement new projects quickly. Other benefits that I get are competitive rates and high quality. Apart from being very collaborative and constructive, the team at Virtual Ops understands what they are doing. Over the past 7 years our relationship with Virtual Ops has become a real partnership. This allows us to explore new opportunities to support the development of our business.

Harry Drummer

COO – Adorama.com

I have been working with Virtual Ops and Samir for almost 10 years. Samir has been a great partner to help us with our product content efforts. From day one of our engagement Samir has personally invested his time to understand our needs and developed the corrected processes to make sure that the job gets done in a very efficient and expedited manner. He has done the same for every new project that has come, he hands it off to his team only after he understands what’s needed to be done and has discussed and aligned with us on the process and the expected results.

Bill Parnes

VP – Scuba.com

It has been a pleasure to work with Virtual Ops. I co-ordinate and manage multiple partners for our Product Information Management platform updates, and Virtual Ops clearly stands out in their deliverables, communication, promptness and quality. Not only have they consistently delivered high quality on time, but they go above and beyond to provide constructive feedback on process improvements, correction of errors from SKU sources, removing duplication/errors. Samir’s communication be it on JIRA or emails has been clear and objective. I recommend anyone to partner with Virtual Ops for their product data management requirements.

Jean-Alex Ervilus

Merchandise Specialist - Sunnysports.com

Virtual Ops has been our partner for our product content requirements for over 6 years now. They have consistently delivered quality for all our product data requirements including migration to Product Information Management system. What I like about Samir and his team is that they constantly learn, develop knowledgebase, use tools and technologies that helps deliver high quality. They are always flexible and available to work on urgent and new requirements at short notice. They are truly our trusted partner. Always reliable and fast, even after I leave for the day, I can always count on you guys to get requests done. Thank you!

Steve Anderson

Web content – Adorama